Ukrainian Student Association

Donation Guide

Ukraine needs your help now! Our brave people are fighting for the right to exist, for Ukraine's sovereignty, and for the preservation of our culture. The safety of Ukrainian civilians depends on the ability of the Armed Forces to defend the Ukrainian land, which is why donating toward military aid is so important. Our people also continue to need humanitarian aid; items that were once easily found in stores are difficult to get to vulnerable populations through traditional logistics routes. We have prepared a donation guide that will help you put your money toward organizations that are helping Urkainians on the ground right now. Read below for more details.


United24 is a centralized venue for collecting donations to help Ukraine. You can donate to any of the four aid types: defense and demining, medical aid, rebuilding Ukraine, and digital and cybersecurity. The initiative is sponsored by the president of Ukraine, and weekly reports show what items were purchased with the donations from each category.

Come Back Alive

Come Back Alive is the largest nongovernmental organization providing military support to Ukraine. They do not buy weapons, but rather provide military supplies that enhance defensive capabilities, such as thermal imagers, UAVs, and technological software. In addition, they help veterans with physical rehabilitation and reintegration.

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