Ukrainian Student Association

Our Mission

The Ukrainian Student Association is a group of students at the University of Florida who promote Ukrainian culture and traditions. Our community is comprised of individuals born in Ukraine, Ukrainian diaspora, and anyone who is interested in Ukraine! Right now, our focus has been to showcase our culture, raise money for relief efforts in Ukraine, and maintain awareness about the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Our Story

On 24 February 2022, the Russian invasion of Ukraine left Ukrainians all over the world speechless, hurting, and looking for communities of their own people. In just a few days, Ukrainians on our campus found each other, and we organized a demonstration to show support for our loved ones back home. From there, we gathered a steady student following and we've been able to fundraise for Ukraine, show educational documentaries, collect humanitarian aid, and showcase Ukrainian culture at festivals.

Executive Board

Oleksandra (Sasha) Nelson — President

Sasha is a third-year microbiology student from Kremenchuk, Ukraine. As the Ukrainian Student Association president, she is committed to sharing Ukrainian culture and traditions with a growing campus community interested in Ukraine. Her hobbies include cycling, hiking, and cooking.

Anna Meltsaieva — Vice President

Anna is a third year neuroscience major from Donetsk, Ukraine. She is passionate about creating an inclusive space for everyone who is interested in Ukrainian culture. In her free time, Anna enjoys yoga, traveling, and independent cinema.

Anton Svirskyi — Treasurer

Anton is a third-year biomedical engineering student-athlete from Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine. His goal as the treasurer of the Ukrainian Student Association is to provide people in the US with an opportunity to engage in Ukraine relief efforts through his management of fundraising campaigns. Anton is a diver on the University of Florida's Division I diving team and loves spending time with his family.

Emily Lyssenko — Outreach Chair

Emily is a third-year economics and international studies student from Coral Springs, Florida. As the outreach chair of the Ukrainian Student Association, Emily is excited to create dynamic community partnerships and organize club events. She enjoys going to the gym, watching movies, and going on road trips.

Mariia Petryk — Legacy Member

Mariia is a PhD graduate, specializing in information systems management. She has been instrumental to the establishment of the Ukrainian Student Association and continues to give her time and expertise to our club. Mariia is from Kyiv, Ukraine, and her hobbies include yoga, traveling, and reading!

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